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Why is it that emergencies tend to prefer dark nights, and really prefer dark cold nights? At least it feels that way when it comes to plumbing and heating crises. That leaking pipe turns into a flood at the start of the weekend; that finicky boiler finally stops running in the middle of a winter night. There is nothing convenient about such problems. Fortunately, PNPM specialises in convenience! For emergency plumbing service, Paddington homeowners put their trust in the experts.

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You’re In Good Hands

When you require emergency boiler repairs, Paddington area professionals are on the way. PNPM is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and that means that we are available all day, every day to assist you with crises. When a problem strikes, you don’t have time to waste. Calling us in immediately ensures that small problems do not grow larger, and larger problems do not become health and safety hazards.

Inclusive Service: Installation, Maintenance and Boiler Repairs Paddington

Urgent plumbing and heating situations are frustrating; we understand – and better yet, we respond quickly. Our trained technicians arrive with fully stocked trucks that hold hundreds of parts and supplies. This enables them to immediately diagnose a problem and fix it without delay. Peace of mind, comfort and safety are all part of the PNPM package.

We also offer professional installation and routine maintenance service so you can do your best to avoid these types of emergencies and keep your systems up and running.

If you need help – even on those dark, cold nights – give us a call straight away. We deliver the quality plumbing and boiler servicing Paddington residents need to stay safe, warm and dry. We’re happy to make your problem our job!


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