Emergency Heating Service and Boiler Repairs

Imagine this. It’s one a.m. It’s snowing. The wind is blowing. The temperature is dropping. Suddenly, your boiler is no longer producing heat. Where do you turn in a situation like this? Look to us.

A Common Problem

Many people suffer heating problems throughout the winter months. Remember Doris in February? With 80 mph winds and plenty of snow, a boiler failure there meant some very cold times if your pilot light wouldn’t stay lit or your boiler just kept turning off (both common boiler issues). With plenty of winters still headed our way, ensuring you know what to do when that happens is an absolute must.

The Next Step

If your boiler does suddenly quit working whether it’s during a storm or simply a cold weekend, the first thing you should do is give us a call. Our emergency team will be there the moment it happens, and we’ll be there as soon as we can. Our team will offer prompt, professional service and repair, no matter what the weather outside.

After you’ve given us a call, there are a few other things you can do. First, open your cabinet doors beneath the sink in the kitchen. That will help keep your pipes from freezing. Next, if you have particularly drafty windows or doors, close your drapes or hang a blanket in your windows. This will help keep the cold air out of your rooms. You may also want to close the doors to the rooms you don’t use frequently. That will keep the remaining warm air in the rooms where you need it most. Be sure to minimise those coming in and leaving the house to help keep the cold air in. If you have to sleep while your boiler isn’t working, try to share bedding as much as possible, as it will keep you a bit warmer through the night. Be sure to dress warmly and break out those extra blankets.

Emergency heating service or boiler repairs are no problem. Give us a call today to handle all of your preventative maintenance.