Keswton boilers

Keston boilers London

Shopping for a boiler is never an easy process, but among the brands, you’re likely to come across in your search is Keston. A well-known brand, they’re one of the best choices if you’re looking for energy efficiency and real power in one affordable package.

Choices Abound

Keston boilers offer you a number of different output options. From 30kW to 55kW, they have what you need. All of their boilers, though, mean you’re buying into the latest energy savings technology. Each one is Energy Saving Trust endorsed, and they have a high SEDBUK rating. Some studies have even found energy efficiency ratings of up to 110% part load with a turndown rate of 5:1. In fact, the entire Keston range has exceeded the energy efficiency criteria of the ETL, so the possibility of taking advantage of financial benefits from various energy savings schemes does exist when you purchase one of these boilers.

They’re ideal in residential applications, particularly larger ones, and they also work well for light commercial settings, depending on the model you decide to purchase.

Peace of Mind

One reason so many people invest in Keston boilers each year is that the newest options come with a five year warranty. Because they’re built to last, Keston boilers almost never mean problems for customers, but the five year warranty can really put your mind at ease.

Every model is British Gas Service listed, which only further proves that these are some of the easiest models on the market to install and use.

Ready to invest in a Keston boiler? Contact us today to learn more about the complete line and what might be right for your situation. At PNPM, we’ll be happy to match you with the right boiler to meet your needs and handle installation for you in no time!