When Your Radiator Just Isn’t Warm Enough

Radiator systems offer some real advantages to homeowners. They’re more common, which makes them a bit easier to replace, and they add a level of comfort and quiet that other heating systems simply don’t. In some cases, though, you’ll find that one radiator just isn’t getting as warm as it should, and that can create real frustration. Even if your boiler is in good shape, it’s possible one radiator isn’t fully warming up. Wondering what you can do? There are actually a number of steps you can take on your own.

  • The Valve: Before you do anything else, make sure the radiator valve is open. Even if you didn’t close it, someone else in your home may have shut it off because it got too hot in that room or your child may have been playing with the valve itself. Once you’ve verified that it’s on, you’ll want to make sure the thermostat valve is set correctly. If it’s too low, you may not be getting the warmth you want.
  • The Lockshield: Just opposite the main valve, you’ll find a lockshield that controls the flow of the water into the radiator. The more hot water that passes through the radiator, the more heat you’ll get to that particular unit. Adjust yours to make sure you’re getting enough hot water to keep the room warm.
  • Limescale: With any of these valves, you may discover limescale, which can block them and keep the necessary heat from reaching that room. In that case, it’s absolutely time to flush the system. While this is something you can handle on your own, calling in PNPM to ensure the system is flushed correctly and completely is a great idea.

If you’ve checked everything and you still have a cooler radiator than you’d like, it’s time to call in the professionals. At PNPM, we’re ready to help you deal with your radiator issues now. With an emergency call out services and the best tradesmen in the business, we have the services you need most. Give us a call today to learn more.