Did you know that underfloor heating has become one of the fastest growing home improvements in the UK in recent years? Many heating services, in London and throughout the UK, have said many customers are interested in this type of heat. Wondering why it has become so popular? The benefits of this heating style are nothing short of enormous.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Energy Efficient: One of the biggest benefits for many UK homeowners is the energy efficiency they enjoy with underfloor heat. The heat distribution is far more uniform with this type of heat than any other. It manages to envelop a room in warmth at a much lower temperature than many other methods. Radiators tend to circulate heat inefficiently, which means they need to run for an extensive amount of time. With underfloor heat, though, it’s spread across the room, and the heat rises throughout the room. One study found that underfloor heating could save UK residents up to 15% on their heating bills.
  • Creates Clean: Tired of dealing with the dust mites that never seem to go away? Underfloor heating can actually make them disappear. With traditional radiators, the cold tends to stay at ground level, which makes it an ideal breeding ground for dust mites. Underfloor heating, though, leaves those spaces far too warm and dry for breeding, and studies have shown that dust mite populations can be reduced by up to 80% after underfloor heating is installed.
  • Heating Flexibility: Central heating controls mean a single thermostat. Many underfloor systems, though, have a dedicated thermostat for each room, which means there’s no obligation for one room to be any warmer than any other room. Keep your bedroom a bit cooler than your living room or change the temperature of the guest bedroom on an as-needed basis.

Underfloor heating works with a variety of floor types. To learn more about this heating innovation, contact us today.