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In the UK, underfloor heating has developed from being a luxury to being relatively common. Installed in luxury new builds and savvy city apartments, as well as in old home renovations, and even business premises, it’s important to get a company on board to suit all your needs.

Heating Installation

Underfloor heating provides a bit of added comfort during the cold, winter months. However, you’ll want to make sure it’s installed and maintained correctly, as not doing so can prove to be costly in the long run. At PNPM, we pride ourselves on being an underfloor heating specialist. Our team is fully trained in all types of underfloor heating. Whether you’ve chosen wet or electric underfloor heating, should you need assistance installing, maintaining, or even repairing the system, we can help you get back up and running again.

We understand that the installation of underfloor heating can be incredibly intrusive, but with PNPM, you can rest assured that any disruption will be kept to a minimum so you can carry on with life. Working around you, our team delivers on time, every time, and ensures you are 100% satisfied with the service provided.

Heating Repairs and maintenance

If your system has sprung a leak, you can rely on us to get it back up and running again. Many people think that in order to fix underfloor heating, the floor needs to be torn up. However, this is not the case. Our underfloor heating experts use various types of equipment, such as thermal imaging equipment, to pinpoint the exact spot where the problem is occurring. Once the problem is identified, the specialist will only need to work in that area to undertake the repair(s). No matter what the issue, our customers can be assured that our team guarantees an effective, efficient, and professional service and that any disruption to the home or business will be minimal.

If you would like to find out more about underfloor heating repair or installation in London, contact our friendly team now.


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