No one wants to think about boilers and heating services help; when we arrive home after a long day, we just want our houses to be warm. When we go to sleep, we want to know that we won’t wake up to chilly children or frozen pipes and have to worry about domestic heating service charges. When you choose a Vaillant boiler, you don’t have to think about it. It does the hard work for you, and it does it with unmatched efficiency.


Impeccable Engineering


Vaillant gas-fired condensing boilers are engineered in Germany, a nation which leads the world in energy efficient technology and integration. Combined with exceptional heating results, this makes a Valiant boiler one of the best investments you can make in your home. You will enjoy the following benefits:


  • Incredible energy efficiency (up to 98%).
  • Vastly superior air quality; Vaillant boilers produce significantly less particulate matter during combustion.
  • Up to 30% less fuel consumption — and thus, lower bills.
  • Flexible options to fit your house. Whether you have a small home with limited space for a heating system or a large house with multiple bathrooms (these boilers also take care of the hot water). Valiant creates open vent, sealed system and combination boilers.
  • Quiet Mark approved. Operation of Vaillant boilers is whisper-quiet.
  • Control via the Valiant vSmart heating control and smartphone app. You can access a host of tools designed to controlling and tracking your system and usage easy and convenient.
  • And best of all, efficient heating that ensures you never have to think about your boiler (well, except for its yearly maintenance before the cold months come!).


Need help selecting the right Valiant boiler for your home and family? Hoping for domestic heating service charges that won’t break your budget? Our heating services can help. We’re happy to ensure you make the right decision — and to install one of these top of the range gas-condensing boilers in your house.