4 Big Benefits of Viessman Boilers

The cold season is quickly approaching. And, depending on the year, it seems like the “cold season” lasts anywhere from10 to 12 months! This is why it is essential to outfit your home with the best – most efficient – heating system possible. A Viessman boiler is the simple solution you need for a warm and cosy winter.

Simplicity in a Complex World

Heating systems can be complex – just like most things in life. But Viessman simplifies it. By offering state-of-the-art systems, heating your home has never been more easy, convenient – and easy on the wallet. Some of the key benefits Viessman delivers:

  • Better efficiency. By utilising the latest in condensing technology, Viessman delivers superb efficiency and cost-savings for users. Today, all gas boilers are required to be condensing boilers; this means that they condense water vapour in the exhaust gases. This enables them to recover latent heat, which would be wasted otherwise.

Viessman goes a few steps beyond: they harness technologies like Weather Compensation, which adjusts heating depending on the temperature outside. This allows exceptional control of your home’s temperature while maximising efficiency. You can save up to 15% more fuel each month.


  • Greater comfort. With Viessman, comfort and efficiency go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to sacrifice (and shiver) in order to save money. Innovations such as Vitoflow Hydraulic Balancing, for instance, ensure that each room is supplied with the optimal amount of heat while energy is used in the most efficient way. Vitoflow increases efficiency by up to 15%. Win-win.


  • A solution for everyone. Find the right system for you. Viessman offers a wide array of products, including various gas and oil boilers, as well as biomass and solar options. Talk to a trusted heating and plumbing professional to find the right fit based on the size of your home, your ideal temperatures and how much room you have in your heating/home improvement budget.


  • “Future-proof.” No one wants to invest in a system that is obsolete in a year or two. Viessman systems are compatible with many fuel sources. You can, for example, use your gas boiler in conjunction with a solar thermal heating system. This delivers great hot water backup, lower energy bills and unbeatable flexibility. And, given the terrific durability of these boilers, you can be confident that you won’t need a replacement anytime soon.


The bottom line: a Viessman boiler will save you money, increase efficiency, run beautifully and last through season after season. Contact us to learn more – and to schedule your own installation.