Vitovalor Fuelcell 300-P

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About the Vitovalor 300-P

The Vitovalor 300-P is based on innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology. In the past, hydrogen fuel cells were better known for their ability to power cars but weren’t frequently used in the home. However, more and more people are feeling the benefits of welcoming this technology into their properties. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is incredibly adept at converting hydrogen into heat and electricity. Hydrogen generates water and heat when it comes into contact with oxygen.

The benefits of the system

Hydrogen fuel cell boilers use waste heat to provide heating and hot water, also providing homes with electricity. The Vitovalor 300-P has been designed by Viessman and Panasonic. The Vitovalor 300-P uses the natural gas available to most of us and transforms it into nitrogen. This nitrogen powers the fuel cell, with the waste heat being kept in a buffer for hot water and heating. With this solution in place, you don’t require a hot water cylinder, a conventional boiler or a cold water storage tank. Everything you require is contained in a single box.

Make considerable savings

Using gas to produce electricity can help you save a substantial sum of money. The system also allows you to take advantage of government incentives for producing electricity in your home. You may also be able to receive PACE funding by investing in the unit as long as you enable usage monitoring. You can also make substantial VAT savings by purchasing this unit. The system has a 10-year parts and labour warranty.

Why choose us?

There are many advantages to choosing us when you require Vitovalor 300-P boiler repairs. We have been in the business for many years and have vast experience when it comes to resolving issues with this kind of boiler. Our tradespeople offer a jargon-free approach and can explain the situation to you in plain English so you’re never left in the dark about how things are developing. We do all we can to deliver the finest service that we possibly can, and all our staff are fully accredited.

Vitovalor 300-P repairs

We are experts when it comes to working with Viessman models and can come to your assistance at short notice if you are currently experiencing an emergency that simply can’t wait. We offer some of London’s best prices for Vitovalor 300-P boiler repairs, and you never need to worry about hidden costs. More and more people are coming straight to us all the time when they need to resolve an issue with a Vitovalor 300-P boiler, so get in touch with PNPM LTD right now if you are currently experiencing a problem. We can also tell you what the final price is before we start work, so you know exactly where you stand financially. We are waiting to hear from you right now.



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