Water Softeners

Water softeners Why they help London properties stay clean and prevent fewer problems in plumbing and heating systems.

there are 3 types of softeners on the market these days non-electric and electric timer controlled and electric automatic meter controlled.

They all have advantages and disadvantages firstly the non-electric softener is a water meter operated and works on the basis that whatever you use the softener will work accordingly and be efficient on salt consumption.

Advantages on this softener are you can locate virtually any wear due to having no electrical supply.

Electrically controlled timed water softener are ideal used for holiday homes and low usage users as they will regenerate accordingly to when time has been set and a certain amount of water has been used which is set by the installation engineer.

Disadvantage would be the power supply requirement but this would be a better option for a holiday home or low usage

Our Most favorable option is an electric automatic meter controlled unit the reason for this is for 90% of household with low to high usage it automatically works out the best efficiency for salt consumption. this softener also can be set if required for use in holiday home also which prevents the softener from regenerating while on holiday.

the disadvantage would be the cost if this softener is very expensive compared to the non-electric and the timed electric.

As a company, we generally fit one made of water softner Great water pro-1400 as we find this is suited to 95% of properties in London.